Friday, November 14, 2014

G O O D . O N E

We had a date day today & stopped by our favorite cafe in Ponsonby.
I think every day should start with flat whites and a Little & Friday donut.

Then, we checked out a resale shop called Junk & Disorderly.
It's filled with all sorts of found treasures that I want in my own house. 

I picked up a few slides to put on my lightbox :)
Slides will always remind me of my Grandpa. Whenever we stayed with my grandparents in Kansas, we would sleep in their spare room/photograph storage room. My brother, sister, and I would stay up so late looking at slides on his lightbox. We'd always ask the stories behind the photos the next day. There were tons of my Dad & his siblings as kids on their trip to Yosemite.
I think I'll always feel drawn to people's discarded slides.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I N D I A N A . W A N T S . M E .

"you are in my blood. I can't help it. we can't be anywhere except together."
-FLB, weetzie bat

26th birthday spent antiquing and picture taking.
spotting coyotes at the tree line and keeping a close eye on them
and their pups, making sure we keep our distance.

walking home to watch the pack from our back deck.
listening to them howl at the passing train.
these are the Indiana moments I love so much.

Friday, October 24, 2014

C H I C A G O . I N . O C T O B E R

This past week has been spent in Chicago with my sister & her husband. They live in the sweetest little neighborhood. There's a community garden, a park at the end of their street, and children everywhere. It's a pretty dreamy little piece of the city. Especially in Autumn, when the sidewalks are covered in leaves.

I'm starting this blog up again, mostly to keep my family updated on life in New Zealand. I'll be meeting up with my husband and son in a couple weeks!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mondays In The Yard

Monday afternoons are best spent chasing chickens around the yard. 
In an oversized sweater, ground still wet from the rain.
Your shoe falling off from running so fast. Laughing so hard you have to stop & lay on the ground. Me snapping photos of you and laughing along with your contagious giggle. These are my favorite moments.